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Lead Inspections

Lead Inspections

As an EPA certified consulting company, we provide essential Lead Testing and Lead Inspections Services to ensure your property is compliant with the latest lead regulations. Lead poisoning impacts both physical and neurological, children and adults.

If your building was built before January 1, 1960, it may contain lead-based paint hazards. Per NYC’s Local Law 31 of 2020, landlords must have an XRF lead inspection performed by August 9, 2025, or within one year of a child under the age of 6 residing in the unit.

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Should I be concerned about lead ?

Lead is a very toxic and dangerous environmental hazard as it can get into the bloodstream, harm our nervous system, and even cause miscarriages!

Lead can also cause

There is a misconception that painting over the original lead-based paint can solve the problem and protect tenants from lead poisoning. The underlying issue of toxic lead levels become evident and can be seen when the fresher coat of paint starts to crack, chip, or peel.

That’s where our experts step in, with state-of-the-art XRF technologies that perform a complete X-ray scan for your apartment. Through this method, we can understand the hotspots of lead in your property, analyze the risk, and give a crystal-clear plan on where to go next.

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